Residential and Commercial Landscape Basic 12-month Service Package Includes:

A. Mowing and Leaf Removalimage-leaf

  • Remove all trash and debris from turf before mowing
  • We will mow entire turf areas to 3”- 4” height throughout the growing season (approximately 32 cuts per season). Cutting heights are adjusted based on weather conditions; heat, moisture, etc. to protect health of your lawn and conserve moisture.
  • Machine edge all walks, curb lines and bed lines
  • String trim along/around all needed areas
  • Machine blow all trimmings from pavement and needed areas for a uniformed appearance
  • Removal/mulching of leaves in fall, four times a year.

B. Ornamental Bed Maintenance

  • We will apply weed control in mulched planting beds by means of hand removal, pre-emergent and herbicides to maintain weed free landscape beds
  • Trim all bushes and maintain proper shape. 3- trimmings for most shrubs, five trimmings for aggressive plant species or as needed.
  • Properly dispose of debris.
  • Fertilize all bushes three times per year
  • Maintain crisp edge on all bed edges
  • Provide and install bed pre-emergent in spring, summer and fall
  • Remove all leaves in fall as needed
  • Cut back ornamental grasses and other perennials in dormancy

C. Driveways & Hard surfacesimage-leaf

  • We will keep weeds and wild growth removed as needed
  • Blow and remove all debris from common areas after service

D. Turf Fertilization & Weed Control Program

  • Our program includes a comprehensive fertilizer and weed control program
  • Spring – Apply crab grass pre-emergent/ fertilizer, post emergent herbicide
  • Late Spring – Second round of crab grass pre-emergent, post emergent herbicide and iron
  • Mid Summer – Application of low balanced fertilizer and post emergent
  • Fall – application of 18-24-12 fertilizer

E. Winter or Dormant Season Maintenance

  • Winter maintenance includes plant bed maintenance (trash removal, weeds, etc.)
  • Turf Care (Occasional mowing – based on weather conditions)

F. Irrigation Maintenanceimage-leaf

  • Winterize irrigation system in late fall
  • Re-activate system in late spring.

Program includes system adjustments as needed.